Standard Yellow Black Cone Bar Barricade (Box of 20)

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The Retractable Cone Bar Barricade is designed for use with our PVC Traffic Cones and Knob-Top Delineators. The Cone-Bar is extremely versatile for road trench or utility works use, construction sites, parking lots, pedestrian areas, and more. Extremely portable and lightweight At only 1.35 lbs., the Retractable Cone- Bar Barricade is easily carried or transported in a trunk or truck bed, and it's easy to set up. Just drop the Cone-Bar ring onto the top of the cones or delineators to setup an inexpensive barrier around hazardous or controlled areas. Effectiveness Compared to warning tape, the Retractable Cone Bar Barricade is highly effective in terms of both cost and functionality. The Cone-Bars is reusable, highly reflective at night, and it creates true work-site traffic control. Flexibility The Retractable Cone Bar Barricade adjusts from 6-to-10 feet in length. Engineer grade reflective sheeting ensures maximum visibility day or night. The Cone-Bar has a durable connection between the bars to lock the cone-bar at 6 ft. Save time and money Using four Traffic Cones and four Retractable Cone-Bar Barricades, a worker can set up a 10' by 10' barrier in less than one minute. It's the most efficient, most cost effective warning barrier available.


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