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Safety Paddle Sign Handles

  • $5.99

These Safety Paddle Sign Handles come in hardwood or PVC and are available for use with any of our safety paddle signs.

Paddle sign, Stop Sign, Slow Sign handles act as a great sign holder for any paddle sign. Available in PVC or hardwood, they are able to support the sign securely when attached.


  • Supports the Safety Paddle Sign securely
  • Fits any of our Safety Paddle Signs



  • Composition: Hardwood or PVC
  • Dimensions:
         Hardwood: 15/16 in. dia. x 60 in. (L) or 15/16 in. dia. x 72 in. (L)
         PVC: 81 in. (L) 2-Pieces 21 in. (L) + 60 in. (L)


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