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Minicade Plastic Barricades

  • $39.99

Minicade Plastic Barricades provide the same amount of reflective sheeting, either stripes or legends, as regular barricades and are only 13 in. (W) by 36 in. (T). Sheeting is mounted vertically rather than horizontally.

Choice of printing options: Stenciled Name - Company names can be stenciled on the unit for identification.

Fusion-Baked Name - Unique indelible bonding process wherein the inks become homogenous with the plastic which will NOT rub-off or be chemically removed.

Plastic units won't damage impacting vehicles and are reusable up to 17 impacts and drive overs. minimize insurance costs and liability!


  • Molded in handles for mounting a flashing light
  • "Click-lock" hinges ensure a positive interlock in the open position
  • Molded hollow for easy ballasting with sand


  • Reusable up to 17 impacts and drive overs
  • Outside Dimensions: 36 in. (T) x 13 in. (W) x 3 in (D)
  • Dimensions of Recessed Panel: 24 in. (T) x 12 in. (W). Provides 2 square ft. (2 ft. x 1 ft.) of reflective material in either sign legends or barricade stripes
  • Minicade Plastic Barricades come in your choice of color: Orange, Yellow, or White



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