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Model 4205SO Heavy Duty Barrier

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The 4205SO Heavy Duty Barrier is a jersey safety shape heavy duty barrier which can be ballasted with sand or water. 32 in. (H), 72 in. (L), and 18 in. (W), this barrier weighs 70 lbs. empty, 830 lbs. when ballasted with water, and 1,396 lbs. when ballasted with sand.

Standard Colors: Safety Orange, White, Yellow, Olive Drab, Military Tan and Blue.
Height: 32 in.
Length 72 in./ 1829 mm
Width: 18 in.
Avg. Wall: 6.35mm
Weight of Barrier Empty: 70 lbs
Gals of Water Barrier will hold: 95 Gal.
Weight of Barrier w/ Water: 830 lbs
Weight of Barrier w/Sand: 1,396 lbs.



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