MLSB2.5 Rubber Speed Bump

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A Free-standing and/or Permanent Speed Bump targeted for traffic speeds below 10mph. No need to bolt these units down!

The MLSB2.5 stays in place without the use stakes, bolts, or adhesives, allowing for quick and easy deployment. You simply put them down and link them together with our pre-formed male/female ends. Durable and reliable, these speed bumps are also ideal for permanent applications, making this a versatile product for any application. mlsb-speed-bump-01 Each unit is 2.5 inches of solid, recycled rubber, manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions, constant U.V. light, and most important, high traffic volume. The MLSB2.5 features embedded, high visibilty AASHTO reflectors for high visibility during low-light or night0time conditions. Field tested to endure the abuse of extremely high weight vehicles and high volumes of continuous traffic. Ideal for: Temporary traffic stops, emergency response situations, guarded gates or entrances, school pick-up or drop-off zones, parking lots or parking complexes, or anywhere a permanent or temporary traffic calming device is needed.

Easy to install and recover! Put some in stock today!

  • Portable OR Permanent - Unlimited Connectivity
  • Extremely Durable, High-Quality Recycled Masticated Rubber
  • Manageable Size and Weight
  • Embedded, high-visibility AASHTO reflectors
  • Target slow down speed to 10 MPH
  • Galvanized Lag screws and anchors for permanent installation
  • Patents Pending
  • 2.5"H x 18"W x 36"L
  • Weight: 38 Pounds
  • Masticated Recycled Rubber
  • 2 Embedded, Two-Way Reflectors (Yellow - standard or White and other colors upon request)
  • Proprietary Masticated Recycled Rubber

Special Note On Pricing: Because of the heavy weight of the blocks, a per block shipping price is added to the cost of each unit. No additional shipping charges will apply at checkout.

MLSB2.5 Rubber Speed Bump

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