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Gemstone Vertical Panel Barricades

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The most space efficient barricade on the street - in transit and in storage!

These barricades take up half the space of traditional barricades, which means less storage space taken and a minimal footprint during use. They are the most visible and space efficient barricades available. Composed of the best and most durable materials, Gemstone vertical panel traffic cones are made to last - from inclement weather, repeated impacts, and sun exposure. Best of all, they are highly visible as a result of their uniquely large reflective area. This means increased safety and awareness!
  • Designed to withstand repeated impacts with little or no damage to vehicles or unit
  • Stackable with or without base
  • Available in orange and white
  • Recessed panel for reflective sheeting
  • 8"w x 36"h (uses up to 295 in2 of sheeting
  • Gemstone side wall provides strength and durability
  • Oversize handle with comfort grip
  • Flashing light mounting receptacle for standard size bolt and cup washers
  • Solid rubber bases with carrying handles come in two sizes: 20 lbs. and 30 lbs.
  • NCHRP 350 approved; meets M.U.T.C.D. standards
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Gemstone Vertical Panel Barricade

Vertical Panel Barricade with Engineer Grade Sheeting on both sides and 20 lb. base - shipping included. ** For 30 lb base please call in


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