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Flexstake 650 Series High Impact Ground Mount Tubular Markers Delineators

  • $24.99

FlexStake HD 650 Series Ground Mount Highway Delineators are an all-weather, tubular ground mounted delineator that can take 30-100 more hits than our competitors posts. Our tubular ground mount delineators are highly visible at 360 degrees. The 650 Series clearly delineates the edge of a roadway or path with specified reflective sheeting mounted on the post at drivers eye level.

Routinely withstand 75 crash impacts at 55 MPH, and 1000 low speed run-overs by loaded hot asphalt trucks weighing over 35 tons! No competitive marker even comes close.

The post is color impregnated, UV stabilized, co-polymer extrusion-impact resistant. Post is extruded from a semi-flexible hi-impact polymer. The hinge is hi-density, all-weather polymer, mechanically fastened to a patented barbed anchor that really stays in the ground. The anchor is hi-density polymer that is unaffected by adverse soil conditions.

Anchor: Ground Mount
Colors: W, O, Y
Height: 19", 24", 30", 36" & 48" Above Ground
Weight: 1.25 to 2 lbs.



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