Channelizer Safety Drum Base

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Recycled Rubber Channelizer Drum Bases 100% recycled rubber base is "sandless" way to ballast channelizer drums. The rubber base "grips the road" and minimizes drum movement due to wind gusts. Rubber bases come in 40 and 25 pound weights with two convenient carrying methods. Standard recycled rubber bases for Roadtech Channelizer Safety Drums come in two options: a 40 lb. base, suitable for highway construction projects and heavy duty work areas, and a 25 lb. base, ideal for city or lower speed applications.

Standard Channelizer Drum Bases

Economical and easy to use - simply place the base on the ground, add a sand bag and snap-lock the drum top to the base. Made of durable, impact resistant polyethylene.

San-Fil Channelizer Drum Bases
San-Fil bases are designed to hold approximately 50 pounds of sand. The twist lock cover keeps the sand inside the base. Two carrying handles make movement and placement an easy job. The low profile 4" high base easily clears vehicle undercarriages and can even support the weight of any vehicle.




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