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A-Frame Plastic Barricade

  • $134.00

If you're tired of broken wood or bent metal barricade panels, Boston Safety has the answer for you. The flexible yet durable all plastic A-Frame Barricade have been in use for over twenty years. It's made of impact resistant polyethylene to withstand the rough treatment found in construction work zones.

Need to close a road, lane or aisle? Protect a work zone? Bridge out, overturned truck, broken water main? You name it, these rugged large size plastic barricades control traffic with real authority! 


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Legs can be internally ballasted with sand
  • Legs designed to receive flashing lights
  • Rails nest for easy transportation and storage
  • Engineer High Intensity or Diamond Grade Sheeting on both sides, makes them very visible in emergency and crisis situations
  • Unique I-beam construction assures extra rigidity and protects the reflective sheeting


  • Heavy I-beam boards weigh 1 pound per foot
  • The I-Beam Rails weigh less than one pound per foot
  • I-Beam Rails are made from impact resistant polyethylene to avoid sharp edges and splinters
  • 8 or 6 ft. lengths


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