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Parking Blocks offer superior strength and durability at 20 percent the weight of conventional concrete blocks. These high quality Portable Plastic Parking Blocks are manufactured from 100% post-consumer, post-industrial recycled plastics. Solid Molded Parking Blocks are available in 3 models, Deluxe, Standard, and Compact. Deluxe model has the highest overall profile, following the Standard model with a thinner base and shorter in height. The Compact has the shortest profile which is typically used in mall parking were lower vehicles tend to be present reducing the chances of impacts with parking bumpers and licence plates, allowing the tires to roll up to the block. The unique processing of raw materials creates consistent air-pockets throughout each piece; thus allowing the Parking Blocks to "Breath" when exposed to extreme temperature changes. The advantage is rigidity and strength. We have thousands of satisfied customers put some in stock today.

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