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Collector Mini-Safety Orange Cones

  • $5.50

Collector Mini-Safety Orange Cones are the perfect size for your desk or dashboard. Create your own cone.  Custom designs are available or choose from our most popular sayings

What can you do with a Mini Collector Safety Cone?

  • Business Promotions
  • Safety Awards
  • Trade Shows
  • Sporting Events
  • Special Events
  • Seminars/Meetings
  • Fundraisers
  • Political Campaigns
  • Schools Teams

Here is a challenge for you: Take a Collector Cone to a meeting, sit it down next to you and don't do anything with it. See how long it take someone to ask you about it!

Minimum Order: 50 Cones. 2-3 week lead time. $50.00 SET-UP FEE
To order custom designs, please call: (617) 337-5644.


  • Cones Attract attention
  • People love to pick them up, and keep them at hand
  • Perfect size for desk or dashboard

Create you own cone! Custom designs available.  




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