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1. Our rubber compound is harder, so it stays straight. Lay one of each on the floor and look at which one is naturally straight. When you see a line of the competitors are often wavy as you look down the line of curbs. Our 20% natural rubber allows us to make a stiffer product.

2. Our compound also allows us to put our "Traction Point" (TM) surface which makes our surface less slippery than our competition.

3. The traction point surface also has a nicer look than a smooth surface.

4. Our rubber compound also has reinforcing fibers that make our blocks and bumps stronger. They last longer and are more difficult to rip apart.

5. Our reflective stripes are 3 times the thickness of our competition.

6. Our reflective stripes are replaceable. When damaged, our stripes can be repaired like new. With the competitors best you can do is paint on a new stripe.

7. Our stripe pattern is the same on both sides. Often contractors don't pay attention installing the blocks. With the competition you must be careful to make sure all the blocks are facing in the same direction or the stripe pattern will not be the same.

8. The reflective tape on our speed bump covers 30% more surface area than does our competition.

9. We have an adhesive material used to bond our blocks and bumps to concrete. It doesn't bond well to the competitor's rubber compound because of the amount of residual oil in their rubber compound.

10. Our product composition is 80% recycled and 20% natural rubber (from rubber trees). This gives us several advantages. Our recycled rubber speed bumps are a durable speed control device designed to reduce traffic to a speed of 0 to 5 miles per hour. Reinforced with fiber for extra durablity and extended wear, they feature large, heavy duty reflective stripes to improve night time visibility. They feature a traction point surface which provides a more slip-resistant surface that also extends the life of the reflective surface. Constructed of recycled rubber, these speed bumps are easy to install and conform to uneven surfaces. They can be installed with bolts, spikes, or Road-Bond adhesive for surfaces that can't be drilled. Call 877-328-2063 to Order Today Thousands In Stock Hardware is Included 72" L x 2 1/4" H x 12" w



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