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Orange Crowd Control Safety Fencing

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Developed to give consumers cost effective, yet strong and durable answer to crowd control, this superb fencing is stretched under heat, providing maximum strength. A 4' x 100' roll weighs only 13.5 pounds and features a tensile strength of 3000 pounds across a 4 foot width. Higher visibility ids provided through its flat laminar design, making this fencing perfect for ant application. Quick and easy to deploy. Material: High density polyethylene Ultraviolet Resistance: Fully stabilized Temperature Range: -60°F to 180°F Tensile Yield: 3200 PSI Tensile Strength: 425 LBS/FT Ultimate Tensile Strength: 2600 PSI Nominal Mesh Opening: 3.75" x 1.75" Suggested Applications:
  • Construction warning barrier
  • Sporting Event
  • Farm areas


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