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Nite Lite Reflective Safety Fencing

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The Nite Light Fencing comes in international orange with white and/or orange reflective stripes. The bright orange color offers superior daytime visibility. Also in black with yellow reflective stripes for permanent installations such as marking dangerous curves.


Nite Lite II Reflective Fence is a simple, but really quite ingenious, concept: we took your basic orange, plastic safety fence, and added 3 reflective, horizontal stripes.  We created yet another traffic safety device that improves and enhances driver awareness and safety. Nite Lite II creates a continuous, visual delineation for work zones and other hazards  The stripes literally light up when hit by headlights.  Iowa DOT maintains a specification for a "safety closure".  Users attach Nite Lite II Reflective Fence to either side of a Type III Barricade, when Type III's are used to close a road.  A Type III Barricade, one or more, is placed across the road, in the center.  Nite Lite II fence is attached to both sides of the barricade, and stretched to each side of the road. The Iowa DOT Safety Closure is one of the most effective uses of traffic safety devices that we have seen in use on a roadway.  Every driver who encounters a safety closure knows that road is closed.



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