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Barricade Lights

Barricade Lights

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  • Flashing Barricade Light steady burn LED circuit only uses 25% of what a normal 1906 incandescent bulb uses.
  • A flashing LED circuit uses less than 50% of what a normal 1850 incandescent bulb uses.
  • Up to 1,100 hours of operation (Approximately 3 Months or 90 days) and it still meets I.T.E. purchase specifications for Type "C" warning lights.
The optic system projects a rectangular pattern, meeting the I.T.E. specifications. The lens and LED are interlocked to rotate together thus always providing the required rectangular pattern. Extended Bulb Life: The LED will possibly never have to be changed. It has an estimated life of 10 years. LED TECHNOLOGY The LED is a light Emitting Diode unlike a bulb which has a filament that burns out. The LED is also more directional and cannot just be a bulb replacement. Our innovative lens assembly turns the LED when the lens head is turned.


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