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Pedestrian Crosswalk Barricades |

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Improve Pedestrian safety with these sturdy, portable Pedestrian Crosswalk barricades. These signs quickly alert drivers to pedestrian crosswalks and help reduce the number of accidents. Mounted on a portable 28 lb recycled rubber base, these signs are made of blow molded polyethylene panels which separate from the base if hit by vehicle. Both the crosswalk barricade panels and bases can be separate for easy transport and storage. Both sign panels feature mounting bolt hole for the addition of a flashing barricade light (sold separately). Call 877-328-2063 for pricing.

Yield To Pedestrian Within Crosswalk Barricade

Item # 33236- LDGWH28 36" x 12" Vertical Panel Barricade with 28 lb. recycled rubber base. Meets MUTCD standard. Message on both sides:

Stop For Pedestrians Barricade

 3400 Series Item # 34236-LDG28 36" x 8" Vertical Panel Barricade with 28 lb. recycled rubber base. Message on both sides

  • Mounting hole for flashing barricade light
  • Durable polyethylene construction
  • Recessed panel face to minimize scratching and wear
  • Step n Lock assembly system
  • Base and panel easily separate for transportation and storage
  • Completely portable and effective
  • 28 lb. Recycled Rubber Base
  • Base had molded in "hand-holds" and stacking lugs



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